Who We Are & What We Do:

AMNL Investigations & Security Consulting is owned by Steve Belecky, an experienced, ethical and highly trained professional investigator with over 25 years of experience in law enforcement and investigations for business (mostly in the Silicon Valley). We achieve success in solving problems that most small, medium and large companies experience, including, but not limited to: Internal and External Theft/Fraud, Employee Misconduct, In-Transit Thefts, Trademark and Patent Infringement, Intellectual Property Loss, Scrap/E&O Diversion into competitors’ hands, Brand Protection/Channel Integrity, Digital CCTV Consulting, Surveillance, and Pre-employment backgrounds.

We work with client partners in Corporate Legal, HR, ER, IT, Security, Loss Prevention, Internal Audit, Facilities, Customer Service, Warehouse/Logistics and any relevant vendors or customers. We are licensed in California. We also conduct investigations in other states and internationally.

We utilize all tools available from security camera review, card reader history review, IT history (e-mail files, downloaded files from servers/computers, phone records), computer forensics, shipping records, background investigations, surveillance, and interviews. Interviewers are trained and certified in Reid behavioral analysis interviewing techniques to eliminate innocent parties and determine who is culpable through detecting deception and obtaining admissions of guilt. These techniques can be used even where no direct evidence points to a specific person’s innocence or guilt.

Serving San Jose, CA (Silicon Valley & SF Bay Area) and surrounding areas.
Call Tel. (720) 217-6202 for a Consultation.


Top Ten Users Of Corporate/Private Investigation Services and Security Consulting Services:

  • Companies that need more information or proof for law enforcement to take a case and prosecute.
  • Companies that have no investigations, loss prevention or fraud departments and need outside expertise to determine:

    –  How a theft, fraud or incidence of misconduct occurred or did not occur
    –  Who did it
    –  How to catch them if they did do it
    –  How to use that evidence to obtain a successful termination without liability. (Third party investigation)
    –  How to get your case prosecuted by law enforcement.
    –  How to obtain court ordered recovery of property and/or monetary losses, and/or obtain successful insurance reimbursement.

  • Companies that have Security, Fraud or Investigation Departments, but don’t have the outside resources to conduct surveillance’s; do undercover buys of stolen, copied or out of channel product.
  • Companies or law firms that have come to see the need for someone to come in and work cases regularly, but who don’t necessarily want to create a permanent full-time employee position.
  • Companies that don’t want public exposure of an incident and want to handle the matter through terminations with a professional third party investigation report to protect them from liability.
  • Companies that want to pursue their loss or infringement civilly against another company or individual and need proof of the wrong for successful litigation.
  • Retail establishments that need to test their employee’s honesty or customer service quality through mystery shopping services.
  • Companies who need to locate and recover property from former employees, contractors or vendors:  Cases could involve vehicles, computers, company credit cards, access cards, manuals and cell phones/smart phones.
  • Individuals that need to locate individuals in order to locate and recover personal property, have legal papers served, or find out other legitimate pertinent information, such as proof they are being stalked or a stay away order/no contact order/restraining order has been violated.  Individuals that need protective services due to threats, high profile nature of their work, or because of their need to protect their family and/or resources.
  • Companies the need help planning security systems for a new or pre-existing building.  Systems may involve card access, alarms, key control, cameras and digital recording (CCTV), visitor and parking control and many other areas.